2003 Bedroom

Remodeling & Restoration Services has the ability to design and mill a wide variety of architectural moldings to achieve the desired result for your project. We can create combinations unavailable from the local lumberyard to ensure the unqiue beauty of your project. The pictured project uses a stock 5 1/4″ crown molding with two ogee pieces milled specially by us. The three part crown sets this room apart, and the ability to mill a full 3/4″ ogee rather than using a stock 1/2″ piece provides the depth seen in the installed crown moldings. All the doors were replaced with solid core 6 panel doors to give them the solid feel that you no longer find in new homes. The shadow boxing on this plain drywalled hallway provides a rich texture and accents the crown molding in this narrow space leading to the master bathroom.

Here we see the crown molding continuing through the room and around a false beam built and “supported” by two round fluted Temple of the Winds style Columns. The crown molding around the window creates a recessed cornice for the installation of draperies, hiding their hardware to keep the elegant flowing look of the room.